Tap the switch, light or gauge and its
function is fully explained. Additional
in-depth information is also readily available
by tapping the

Tap the

Tap the      
 Li button for system limitations.
Every system panel is faithfully
reproduced and accessible through the
Panel Navigator. All switches, controls
and indicators are interactive and
function just as they do in the airplane.
The Systems General Review module
presents clear and understandable system
schematics and explanations. Interactive
schematics show the result of a failed
generator or hydraulic system.
Review all system flash cards in the
Q and A module. Over 1000 questions
and answers will help you thoroughly
learn every system.
Ready to test your knowledge? Take a
multiple choice Knowledge Exercise on
each of the systems.
iB737NG allows
you to flip between modules if you
need a little help. Questions and
answers are shuffled each time you
take the exercise.
Developed by an Airline Captain with
20 years of experience on the Boeing
737 300/500/700/800/900 who
knows what you
need to know to

button and study the
system flash cards.
B737NG Systems Review, in use by pilots world-wide, is on the iPad.
One time purchase. No subscriptions.
Free updates for life.
More Screen Shots
  • Pictorial representation of all
    major systems via accurate
    interactive panel depictions.

  • Essential information at a glance
    accompanied by in depth systems

  • Essential information is repeated
    as you proceed through the

  • Review or in depth study without
    wasting time searching through

  • Over 1000 Questions and
    Answers as may be asked on a
    B737 Type Rating FAA Oral.

  • Over 500 questions in the
    multiple choice "Knowledge
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